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Nov. 4, 2022

274: Writing Your Own Life Story with Kamini Wood

274: Writing Your Own Life Story with Kamini Wood

Doug and Kamini spoke about how limiting beliefs impact our lives, the importance of overcoming them, and even more importantly, how you overcome them. Social and self-limiting beliefs can keep us from achieving our goals just because it was already set that you must be that person, but at the end of the day, it's all about you.

Do you genuinely desire to accomplish a certain goal? Then you should evaluate yourself and decide which limiting ideas are holding you back. You must filter these ideas out, change your mentality, and get rid of the ones that hold you back since they are ingrained in your system.

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00:00 Introduction

1:30 Awareness and recognizing on our own limiting beliefs

4:15 Four pillars to limiting beliefs

5:40 Recognizing you are good and valuable 

6:21 People expectation after high school go to college

9:14 College Scholarships

10:00 Perspective on limiting beliefs

12:00 Typical parent mentality and recognizing limiting beliefs

12:40 What is your core beliefs

13:24 Money and problems

14:34 Money as store of time

16:48 Eastern and Western approach on addressing conversation

17:48 Self imposed limiting beliefs

19:00 Personality Traits

20:40 Our inner Critic

21:30 Key elements when you are dealing with your limiting beliefs

22:30 Fulfilling you own needs

25:00 Detachment vs Non attachment when doing this to other people

25:50 Overcoming limiting beliefs