Episode 44

Published on:

12th Jul 2021

Addiction to Being Right with Jennifer Thornton

In this episode, Jennifer shares her expertise with Doug regarding the addiction of always being right. That applies in our businesses and leading people. Being right gives you self reinforce positive feeling and affects your dopamine that cause an addiction.

It's easy to spot this on someone but not on ourselves. Jennifer also shares to Doug some self diagnosing tricks to discover if you are addicted on always being right. With this you cope up and deal with it to establish a healthy environment. Learn to listen to others point of view especially on experts.

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Terminal Value
An ongoing discussion about the future value of ideas and entities in our current world
'Terminal Value' is a Finance term that is used to represent the present value of all future cash flows, with the assumption of perpetual, stable growth.

However, the future is not as predictable as people like to think.

We also have seen that all information we receive is presented with an agenda. The result of this is a persistent 'us vs. them' mindset.

Since nobody knows what to believe anymore, we all need to build our own conclusions. This has created a high degree of anxiety and pessimism due to all the negativity that continues to flow from the media.

A key tenant of the Terminal Value mission is to bring attention to the people and organizations who are working to make things better.

Ultimately, Terminal Value is an ongoing discussion about the future value of ideas and entities in our current world.