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Amazing Show!

I love the consistency of this show, not only episode count, but quality as well! Doug and his guest are extremely knowledgeable.

Great show!!

Doug is awesome! He’s always adding value to the conversation. I highly recommend this show!


This show gives great financial advice and breaks down how to stay motivated. I really enjoyed the episode on burn out. Very real and honest but gives powerful messages. Episodes are not too long and are easy to listen to. Great host and interviews. Looking forward to more!

Super Quick Episodes PACKED with Value

If you listen to a few episodes of The Terminal Value podcast, you’ll notice right away that Doug isn’t messing around with is content. Each episode is super short, but somehow PACKED with value. I can cruise through a few episodes in under and hour and learn so much in such a short amount of time. 10/10 recommend!

Superb Host!

Doug served as a personable host that truly has his listeners needs at the forefront! Thank you for being a friendly, professional host. Andrea White - Elite Business Coaching

Much Knowledge to be Gained Here!

Doug does a great job building rapport with his guests and showing interest in their stories. With this approach, he gets the most out of expert guests across a wide range of disciplines. Listen up; you’ll learn something!

I think this podcast is very needed! Great show! Keep up the good work from your friends at Financial Advisors Say The Darndest Things Podcast

Awesome Podcast

Great guests. Doug is a great host who birngs out the best in his guests. He always offers valuable nuggests with actionable ideas.

Value-packed strategies

Don’t miss these conversations shared by Doug & his guests to help you learn and implement value-packed strategies for your biz. Kim & Angie @thepodwizegroup

First Rate!

Thank you for having me on your podcast Doug. I’m grateful that likeminded people can get together and share the experiences that make the greatest difference for others.

Never quit

No matter what comes your way, don’t ever give up. From Doug’s personal experience and the experiences of his guests you can learn how to navigate the trials and tribulations of life and still get to where you want to be.

great energy

I enjoyed doing a podcast with Doug. He has great energy and likes to take about all things business. I have listened to a few episodes and will continue to do so. Nancy

Doug interviews people you haven’t heard from and his guests really want to help people. It’s like you get free coaching and a strategy session when you listen to a podcast. You’ll lead with a list of items to research and think about so that you can make the best business decisions.

Energetic and interesting conversations!

Every time I listen to the Terminal Value podcast, I learn something new. For business owners who are always striving for excellence, there is a wealth of valuable information and conversations. Doug Utberg brings great energy and I recommend you listen!

awesome , I enjoyed the content and actionable tips

Intereting guests and the host is very engaging - he creates a natural conversation about business and bringing value.

Great host

What a fun host. Such a pleasure to join in his show.

Wealth of Knowledge

Doug is great with business development. He reads case studies and books then easily recalls them on the podcast. I love numbers and data so I appreciate it. The guests he picks are aren’t boring. Doug does a good job asking questions and getting them to share the secret!

Impressed. The Terminal Value podcast delivers and offers tremendous value. Actionable and applicable value. Well worth the listen!

Terminal Value

Doug set the bar for a deep-dive interview, and we loved it! You can immediately see the passion he has for giving his audience information and advice that can lead to a more fulfilled business and life. But it’s his genuine desire to learn things himself that makes so many people tune in. He’s asking the questions they’re thinking about!

Doug is an excellent interviewer

Doug does an great job at interviewing. He make salient points and bring out the best in his guest. I highly recommend his show.

Fascinating conversations

Easy to listen to and valuable for business owners

Accommodating & Energetic Host

Doug does a solid job of allowing the guest the space to share their message. He brings great energy to the show and the overall experience.

Great Podcast

I usually don’t listen to many podcasts, but I do listen to Terminal Value podcasts because I like the host very much when I listen to them for the first time.

A great podcast on my schedule

This show brings great thought leaders to the stage, they share great practical information, then the show ends. Perfect length of episodes with just enough for me to continuously be learning! Love this show. 👍🏻👍🏻

Podcasts that truly provides terminal value!

I love the title, and the content is some of the most unique and insightful you’ll find in business!